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Duff Ayers

Duff Ayers believes very few people in the world are inherently evil.

Most of the clients who end up calling him are suffering from a mistake they’ve made.

And Duff understands mistakes — he made plenty of them himself in his younger days.

That’s why he knows that mistakes or the path that led to them don’t make anyone a bad person.

And that’s why he fights to ensure these mistakes don’t derail someone from future employment or cause them to lose their job or their family.

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Duff didn’t always practice criminal defense law. After majoring in and obtaining a Master’s degree in accounting from the University of Georgia, Duff went into law school assuming that he would focus on tax and estate planning.

And for his first several positions, that’s exactly what he did. He had a knack for numbers, and the formulized methods of estate planning came easily to him.

After a few years, Duff opened his own firm with his partner, Hubert Reeves, who had been practicing in the Georgia area for decades.

This was essential for Duff — he believes that experience is everything in the law, and if you don’t have mentors, you’re as good as doomed.

As time went on, Duff’s focus shifted to litigation, and he learned how much he enjoyed the thrill that came from working with a client when the stakes are high.

But even more importantly, Duff realized the impact he was able to have on people’s lives — helping them stay home and raise their children instead of going to jail, keeping them from losing the driver’s license that gets them to work every day, getting them the substance abuse help they need instead of being punished for their addictions.

He realized that criminal defense is one of the areas of the law that truly gives you the chance to impact someone’s life. What Duff does every day comes with the tremendous ability and the tremendous responsibility to affect someone’s life, liberty and livelihood.

Not surprisingly, Duff sometimes has difficulties leaving work at work. He gives all his clients his personal cell phone number so that they can contact him at all hours of the day — and they do.

Outside of the courtroom, Duff enjoys spending time with his wife of (almost) 8 years — a speech therapist who constantly inspires Duff through both her work and her dedication to their two small children.

In his rare free time, Duff also enjoys cooking, reading, hunting, and watching college football (Go Dawgs!).

More than anything else, Duff is always looking for new ways to improve his practice and help his clients receive the care they need.

Bar/Professional Activity:
  • Georgia Trial Lawyers Association
  • Georgia Supreme Court
  • American Bar Association
  • State Bar of Georgia
Pro bono/Community Service:
  • Georgia Society of CPAs
  • Millen Rotary Club
Educational Background:
  • University of Georgia, Degree in Master of Accountancy, Honors: Certified Public Accounting Examination, 2008
  • University of Georgia Terry College of Business, Honors: summa cum laude, Major: Accounting
  • Screven County High School

Give the Ayers Law Office a call at 478-401-0355 to get started on your case today

Give the Ayers Law Office a call at 478-401-0355 to get started on your case today

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